Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pack of Dorks #2: Camp Dork by Beth Vrabel

Pack of Dorks: Camp DorkMy name is Lucy, and I'm proud to be a dork. I didn't really want to come to this caveman, fossil camp, but Sam dared me. However, he went off to a gymnastics camp, and my parents wouldn't let me back out. I thought things would still be okay with the rest of our pack going, but I've managed to mess everything up. My best friend, April, wants to hang out with snobby Kira, but I think she'd make a perfect girlfriend for Sheldon. I'm great at bringing people together, Sam told me so, but now everybody hates me. I've said mean things to April, lied to Jer, and people think I've stolen a bracelet, necklace, and laptop. What am I doing? Why can't April act like she used to? Everything is all mixed up. I've got to make things right, but what if it all blows up in my face? Again!

This book addresses the difficulties of friendship and growing up. The first book created the pack of dorks to help outcast kids support each other, but even dorks must change! The problems faced by Lucy are normal, but she learns there are some things beyond our control. Most readers can identify with her feelings of abandonment and wanting things to stay the same. Hopefully, readers will learn a lesson along with Lucy. The book includes a snooty girl with free insults for Lucy, although Lucy later learns that things aren't what they see. The innocence of the characters is a nice change from many of the books I normally read. The kids aren't geniuses with amazing talents or maturity. They're typical new-to-be fifth graders. I still enjoy Lucy's free-spirited grandmother who provides support and advice for Lucy. She's not afraid to speak her mind or do what makes her happy. Overall, I can recommend both books in the series to any fourth or fifth graders.