Monday, July 4, 2016

5 Times Revenge by Lindsay Eland

Five Times RevengeMy name is Perk, and I must get my revenge. The school principal and his son are bullies, taking advantage of students, teachers, and Tommy, my brother with special needs. Adam and I are famous for our pranks, but this one must be epic. Adam really wants to put the principals's Shelby Cobra on the school roof, but we'll need help with whatever we do. The principal's son got Ray kicked off the wrestling team, gives Dutch wedgies and steals his homework, and treated Pearl, his ex-girlfriend, very rudely. They'll be motivated to help us. Tommy means the world to me, and I won't let anyone get away with embarrassing him. I'm sure Adam will come up with an amazing plan that fits our two main rules: No one and nothing get hurt or damaged, and we don't get caught!

I didn't expect to find a story about revenge that was also fun to read. The book wasn't amazingly written, but I found myself gently sucked into the plot. The pranks were creative and believable. From the cute girl, to the nerd, to the big lug everyone assumes is dumb, they combined their talents and stories to create an unlikely team. I guess I enjoy cheering for underdogs which really fit this situation. The author did a great job of making me detest the principal and his son, so that helped develop the emotional impact of the conflict. The love between Perk, Tommy, and Adam was evident. Emotions are powerful motivators for readers. I usually read fantasy/adventure books, so my enjoyment with reading this book should show its specialness. Give it a shot!