Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Brave by Robert Lipsyte

This novel is a sequel to The Contender, and I gave it a rating of four out of five. The author, Robert Lipsyte, posted a comment on my blog and suggested I read it. Sonny Bear wants to escape the Indian reservation where his uncle keeps telling him tales about tribal warriors. Sonny heads to New York City to be with his mother, but he ends up getting conned by a drug dealer. He's arrested by a middle-aged cop by the name of Alfred Brooks, the main character from The Contender. Alfred wants Sonny to get evidence against the drug dealer, but Sonny doesn't want to be a snitch. Sonny starts to box in Alfred's old gym in order to stay out of prison. Just like Alfred in book one, Sonny must learn to control his inner monster and become a contender in life.

The format of this book is very similar to The Contender. Sonny finds he must deal with life on the streets, he finds discipline in boxing, and then the book describes his fights in the ring. Again, I enjoy reading stories where the main character must overcome huge odds to become successful, although Sonny's obstacles didn't seem to be as difficult as the ones Alfred overcame. Readers who like characters escaping the hard life of the city and to read about boxing will surely enjoy this book.

Lexile level from lexile.com 650

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