Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Summer at Forsaken Lake by Micheal Beil

Summer at Forsaken LakeThis book was recommended to me as a mystery, and I gave it a rating of four out of five. Nicholas and his sisters must leave New York City to spend the summer with Uncle Nick in northern Ohio. Boring! However, Nicholas meets Charlie, a girl about his age with a killer curveball, and they discover that their family's pasts have some connections. Nicholas's dad was accused of causing an accident that could have killed Charlie's mom. Nicholas and Charlie do some investigating and realize that someone else was behind the boat crash. They set out to uncover the mystery and form a strong bond in the process. Will their parents rekindle their childhood bonds too?

This book has a nice easy-going plot. It's not super suspenseful, although the rescue of a damaged sailboat, in the middle of a severe storm, had its moments. I enjoyed the interaction of Nicholas and Charlie, and the twins were very entertaining. Although the plot had a mystery, it unfolded pretty much the way I expected.


  1. Mr. Buxton:

    Just a quick note to say I really appreciate your reviews! I find your opinions insightful. I especially liked your "Westing Game" review. I found myself confused at many points. Hard to say that when so many people gush over it.

    I heard about your blogs from yesterday's interview of Ms. Yingling on "Boys Rule Boys Read!". I'm an aspiring middle grade author (my first book is going out on submission in a month or so) so I try to read as many MG books and book reviews as possible.


  2. Thank you, Jeff. I try to point out my likes and dislikes about the books I've read and create my reviews with adolescent readers in mind. I try to be honest with my comments, but I remind people that they're just my opinions. All readers have their own tastes, so followers of my blog can determine if they have similar feelings about the books I review.

  3. Looking forward to many more of your reviews!



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