Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester by Barbara O'Connor

The Fantastic Secret of Owen JesterI found this book at my local library, and I gave it a rating of three out of five. Owen lives in Carter, Georgia, and he's just captured the biggest, slimiest bullfrog ever. He names it Tooley Graham, and he sets out to build the greatest frog cage in the pond. One night, Owen hears a train pass by, but he also hears the sounds of something falling off of it. He enlists the help of his two friends, and they end up making an amazing discovery. However, Tooley isn't looking well in his new home, and the nosey, neighbor girl also knows about the discovery. What is Owen going to do?

For the most part, the plot deals with the simple times in a country setting. Every day is spent taking care of Tooley and trying to figure out what to do with the discovery. The characters are not very complex, and the conflict with the neighbor girl isn't a huge problem. The book was a quick read. It didn't really grab my interest, but that doesn't necessarily mean it won't appeal to other readers.


  1. I think this was more of an elementary school book. And the top of your blog made me sad... " I WAS..." Can't you be a language arts teacher without a job?

  2. Yeah, the plot wasn't as involved and descriptive as I've been used to. It was on a recommended shelf in the young adult section, and the reading went quickly. I decided to go ahead and finish it.


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