Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Great Green Heist by Varian Johnson

The Great Greene HeistThis book is a 2014 release, and I gave it a rating of four out of five. Gaby is running for school president, and she is unaware her main competition, Keith Sinclair, has bribed the principal to make sure he wins. Jackson, a classmate and complicated "friend", smells a rat and starts to secretly help Gaby.  Jackson has a reputation, rightfully earned, as a schemer and prankster. His Mid-Day PDA embarrassed Gaby a while back, and she hasn't spoken to him since. Jackson now sets plans in motion to help her, but Keith manages to stay one step ahead of him. How can Jackson outfox Keith and still stop the principal from rigging the election. Sounds like it's time for another scheme.

The plot was fun, but it was a bit unrealistic. A principal being bribed to fix a student election? The schemes were entertaining, and I liked Jackson's uncomfortable relationship with Gaby. You know they'll get back together in the end!

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