Monday, September 15, 2014

Kinda Like Brothers by Coe Booth

Kinda Like BrothersJarrett's mom is a foster mother, and she's usually taking care of infants. However, this time, the new two-year-old girl has an older brother named Devon. Jarrett is forced to share his room, and his life, with this person, and there's no way to know when he'll be leaving. Jarrett is also taking summer school, struggling to pass the sixth grade test. Devon won't say much about his life, and Jarrett is wondering how the little sister got cut on her head. Jarrett is afraid to tell a girl how he feels, he ends up in the hospital with an asthma attack, and his mom's boyfriend is getting tired of sharing her with all the babies. Jarrett's life is full of issues, and he's not sure if Devon is the biggest issue or if he's actually a friend. Nevertheless, the two boys have problems, and they're taking them out on each other.

Many books deal with stepfamilies, but foster children are kind of like temporary stepfamilies. Devon is treated like a new brother, but Jarrett knows he could leave at any time. His mom seems to care more about the foster babies than anyone else, and it's hurting Jarrett. The author does a nice job of capturing his mixed emotions, and the plot bounces back and forth depending on Jarrett's mood. The book touches on the pains of growing up, conflicts with society, and family issues. It's a good read.

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