Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larson

Hattie Big Sky (Hattie, #1)Hattie's uncle leaves her his claim for a ranch on the plains of Montana. The little shack isn't much of a house, but she's determined to plant crops and get a fence built in order to keep the property. Her best friend from home is fighting the Germans in World War I, but there's a war brewing in Vida, Montana too. Perilee, Karl, and their kids are Hattie's best friends on the prairie, but a local group is angry about Karl's German heritage. And Hattie finds trouble, because she likes her neighbors. Fences are knocked down, mysterious fires are set, and threats are made. These dangers just add to her farming problems due to drought, heat, and insects. Her efforts will result in failure if she can't find some way to save the farm.

Be prepared to experience a wide range of emotions as you read this book. You'll admire Hattie's courage as she struggles to save the farm. You'll be angry with the meanness of some neighbors and their prejudiced ways. You'll be happy with Hattie's sense of humor and her interactions with the kids. And there will be sadness due to unexpected tragedies. It's unusual to read about the war with Germany from a setting in Montana, but the story works. I recommend it.

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