Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Olivia Bean, Trivia Queen by Donna Gephart

Olivia Bean, Trivia QueenOlivia is obsessed with the television show Jeopardy, and she's excited to hear "Kid's Week" is coming up. However, a parent must complete the application to appear on the show, and that's a problem right now. Her father married her best friend's mother and moved to California. He also has a serious gambling problem and isn't very reliable. Olivia's mother just lost her job, and her new boyfriend recently moved in. Olivia is upset with how he acts like her new dad and disturbs her time watching Jeopardy. And then there's the boy living next door. Olivia feels she can't let him beat her at school, but she has no confidence when it comes to geography. She's confused when he starts being nice to her, but then he teases her on the way to school. She's confused by all of these problems, the Jeopardy audition is coming up soon, And she just has to get on that show!

This book had many common problems found in other books. New adult in the house, boy/girl relationships, and trying to impress the divorced, unreliable father. I enjoy trivia, and this book was full of it. Olivia's little brother added a humorous touch to the plot, since he was obsessed with gross trivia. Do you know why an ostrich pees on itself? I enjoyed watching Olivia's character overcome her insecurities and how she discovered the people in her life who were truly special.

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