Thursday, May 25, 2017

Murder Is Bad Manners by Robin Stevens

Murder Is Bad Manners (Wells and Wong, #1)My name is Hazel Wong, and the Wells & Wong Detective Society has uncovered its first murder mystery. Don't tell anyone, but I found the body of Miss Bell on the academy's gym floor, but it was gone moments later when I returned with Daisy. The staff thinks Ms. Bell hurriedly quit and left the school, so there's no police investigation. Daisy and I were still sorting out suspects when Ms. Tennyson was murdered too! Does this have anything to do with the student found dead in the gym last year? The killer must be a staff member, and several teachers have motives and were around the gym when Ms. Bell died. I can't believe any of them would actually kill a person, but one of them obviously did it. We are getting closer to solving the crimes, but are our lives now in danger?

This book would make a nice starter story for young readers who are interested in moving up to a murder mystery. The case is easy to follow, and clues pop up everywhere. However, experienced readers of mystery won't care for it. Daisy makes many assumptions about evidence that real detectives would never make. Ms. Bell must have died from a fall off the balcony, because her body was right below it. One teacher couldn't be a suspect, because Daisy didn't think there was any way the teacher could hurt someone. Hazel and Daisy make a good team, although I don't like Daisy's character. Daisy is bossy, doesn't respect Hazel's ideas, and makes the evidence fit her preconceived notions. It's not until later in the book that Daisy realizes Hazel has some insightful thoughts and considers the evidence like a detective. Their investigation becomes much more focused and logical once Daisy starts listening to Hazel. Cute title for a book!

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