Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mystery at the Army-Navy Game:The Rivalry by John Feinstein

The Rivalry (Final Four Mysteries, #5)This is the fifth book in the "Final Four Mysteries", and I gave it a rating of four out of five. Stevie and Susan Carol are freshman reporters working for major newspapers in Washington D.C. They are going to cover this year's Army-Navy football game, and President Obama is scheduled to attend. They are assigned to write stories concerning security for the game, and as usual, some surprising events arise. Susan Carol gets some unexpected attention when she writes an article accusing the officials at the Navy-Notre Dame game of incompetence. They'll be working the Army-Navy game, so the story won't go away. Then, there are some uninvited intruders who manage to sneak into a pregame public relations event at the stadium. And the father of two players in the game is a member of a white supremacy group. The Secret Service is on high alert.

I enjoy how Steve and Susan Carol work together as they try to interact in the adult world but still lead "normal" teenage lives. I like sports, so I appreciate a good plot about football. Sports lovers will enjoy the information shared about the sport and the history of this big game. The setting changes in various chapters, so be aware there will be unannounced flashbacks.

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