Monday, December 2, 2013

Cooper & Packrat: Mystery on Pine Lake by Tamra Wight

Cooper and Packrat: Mystery on Pine LakeCooper's family runs a campground by Pine Lake, and a big attraction is the loons that nest on a small island. This year, the water level rises unexpectedly, floods the nest, and ruins the eggs. Cooper and a camper, Packrat, decide to create a floating island where the loons can safely build a new nest. However, not everyone is happy to have the loons around. Somebody intentionally made the water level rise and tore apart the first floating island the boys tried to make. Cooper tries to solve the mystery without the attention of his too-busy parents and his pesky little sister. The lives of the loons and their babies are depending on him.

I like Cooper's new friendship with Packrat and their determination to make things right. Packrat wears a long coat full of all kinds of odd, useful objects that explains his name. Cooper is a nice brother and a loyal son, but he's frustrated that the family business is keeping his parents from spending time with the kids. Broken promises from them causes his little sister to make a possibly fatal decision.

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