Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Waffler by Gail Donovan

The WafflerMonty is a waffler; he's always changing his mind. For example, he can't decide what kind of pet to get, and he changes its name several times after bringing it home. His twin sister, Sierra, and he split time between their mom's and dad's houses each week. Both parents have remarried, and the twins gained a baby sister and an older sister. At school, his teacher puts three embarrassing band-aids on Monty's arm to help him stick to decisions; no waffling! Monty gets assigned a reading buddy from a kindergarten class, but he offers to take on three unofficial buddies who didn't paired up. The teacher doesn't know about this, and it creates problems for Monty. Is this another example of why he's called a waffler?

Monty's life with divorced and remarried parents, his new sisters, and a demanding teacher should appeal to young readers. He's a nice character and really tries to do the right thing. I liked how everything worked out for him in the end.

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