Friday, September 2, 2016

All Four Stars #3: Stars so Sweet by Tara Dairman

Stars So Sweet (All Four Stars, #3)My name is Gladys, and I've gotten myself into a situation. I guess I'm pretty good at writing about food and restaurants, because I've been hired by the New York Standard newspaper to create a few reviews under the name G. Gatsby. However, they still don't know I'm just starting the seventh grade, and now they want to hire G. Gatsby as a full-time restaurant critic! I don't know how to fit in at my middle school, the editor of the school paper hates me, and I need to tell my parents the truth about the newspaper. How can I be honest with them now after I've been lying to them for the past six months?

This book is the third in the series, and I somehow missed reading the second one. I don't think you NEED to read the others, but I recommend you at least read the first one. This book will appeal to readers who enjoy cooking and food, but non-foodies may not be able to sink their teeth into it. Like many middle school students, Gladys' love for food is definitely uncommon at this age, but it's the passion that gets her through her days. Everyone needs a passion. Her friend Sandy adds humor to the plot, as he tries to become known at his school for eating the grossest foods. The Peruvian dish called Coy, an animal similar to a guinea pig, even made Gladys feel ill. Gladys' middle school issues just provided more opportunities to introduce cooking. She became the organizer of every bake sale to support the various clubs and sports teams. A favorite hangout was the local food store and all its unusual foods. As I already said, foodies will love this series!

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