Monday, September 26, 2016

the Island of Beyond by Elzabeth Atkinson

The Island of BeyondMy name is Martin, and my parents are ruining my life! My dad insists I spend the month of July with my Aunt Lenore on some remote island in Maine. I've just met the old woman, and she's forgetful and nutty. There's no television up here, no internet, and my cellphone burned up when I tried to charge it. What am I going to do all month? Then, I met a boy named Solo roaming around the woods and property, and we've become good friends. My dad has made me feel like I can never do anything right, but Solo has helped me change. I've learned to fish, row a canoe, climb trees, but I still can't swim.  The strange thing is, it looks like everyone up here has secrets; Solo, Uncle Ned, and even my dad are hiding something. And, it seems as though my aunt may not be as crazy as I thought.

I don't normally read books like this one, but it was still pretty good. (I read more fantasy and adventure books). Martin is learning to find himself, as he needs to gain confidence and escape from his father's put-downs. He is characterized as a kid who is almost helpless without technology and familiar surroundings. His life was a routine of video games and hanging around the house, so the wilderness presents a fearsome obstacle. Solo represents freedom, as he comes and goes as he pleases and is able to take care of himself. However, Solo is putting on an act, and Martin offers something his life is missing. I was happy to see how Martin changed in the end, and it would be interesting to see what his life would look like in another year or two. The secrets in the plot aren't super compelling, but they keep the story interesting. Uncle Ned's secret was probably the biggest one, although I might have missed clues along the way that foreshadow it. This book presents a nice coming-of-age story.

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