Friday, October 17, 2014

Half a Chance by Cynthia Lord

Half a ChanceLucy and her parents move to New Hampshire, and their new home sits next to a lake. Lucy decides to enter a national photography contest, and she gets help from Nate, the boy living next door. It gets complicated, because her father, a famous photographer, is the judge. Two endangered loons have laid eggs on an island, and their survival becomes the main focus of the kids. Nate's grandmother heads a loon patrol that keeps track of them every day, but she's having some memory problems. Dangers face the loons and their babies, and Lucy must make some difficult decisions that may hurt people she cares about.

Lucy faces many problems encountered by many young people. Making new friends, jealousy, impressing parents, and other tough choices. Nature lovers will enjoy the story, although the major focus on photography may not appeal to all. Lucy has a passion for her family, friends, an and the author does an excellent job of displaying it.

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