Friday, October 31, 2014

The Magic Trap by Jacqueline Davies

The Magic TrapJessie and her brother, Evan, live with their mother, but their dad is rarely home for more than one day. He travels the world as a news reporter and leaves the kids home feeling hurt, confused, and angry. Mom must go on a business trip for a week, and the dad offers to stay with the kids for the whole seven days. He says Evan should put on a magic show in an auditorium, but they make a plan to have the show on the back porch instead. Dad helps Evan get props, helps him practice, and even buys him a rabbit. However, the dad is always on his cell phone, and Evan wonders how long it will take before he skips out on them again. Little do the kids know how bad things can get.

The characters are easy to like, but readers will feel sorry for them. There aren't very many books written where a parent is this irresponsible. I've read a few books where parents, usually dads, behave immaturely, but there's normally an underlying love and concern for the kids. The author weaves an enjoyable plot, but it's hard to find a positive lesson to the story. The kids had to get tough and survive.

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