Friday, October 3, 2014

Skies Like These by Tess Hilmo

Skies Like TheseJade travels from Philadelphia to Wyoming to spend several weeks with her aunt. She's not looking forward to it, but her aunt is very excited to have her. Jade slowly learns to appreciate the simple life of Wyoming, but the neighbor boy manages to find trouble. Ray believes he's related to the famous outlaw, Butch Cassidy, and his family needs help. His father lost his business when a big store came to town, so Ray needs to raise some quick money. Ray idolizes Butch Cassidy, and he's always talking about how Butch would steal from the rich to help the needy. Ray has many plans to help his family, and robbing the town's bank is one of them.

The conflict was interesting, and a little concerning for me, as I read about a kind boy doing some increasingly bad things. Is it okay to do bad things if you think you're helping people? Jade has problems as she tries to support Ray while hearing about the crimes he has planned. I was left wondering and worrying as I watched Ray get more desperate. The author was able to successfully blend the beauty and peace of Wyoming with the seriousness of Ray's situation.

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