Monday, November 3, 2014

Dorothy's Derby Chronicles#1: Rise of the Undead Redhead by Meghan Dougherty and Alece Birnbach

Dorothy's Derby Chronicles: Rise of the Undead RedheadDorothy moves to her grandmother's house which happens to be an old funeral home. She makes a big impression on the first day of school when her grandmother pulls up in a black hearse. It's hard to fit in when you have a wacky grandma, and the popular girls decide to start picking on her. Dorothy tries to get back at one of the girls during dodge ball, but she faints after whacking herself in the head with the ball. When she wakes, she has a new nickname, The Undead Redhead. Dorothy goes to the roller rink with her grandma and discovers she was once a roller derby star named Shotgun Sally. Dorothy and her two friends decide to start a team, and Grandma is going to be the coach. However, one of the popular girls is also hanging out at the rink, and she seems to be keeping a secret. She behaves strangely around Dorothy's school locker, and Dorothy can't figure out what's going on.

This book is the first in a new series. Roller skating, and especially the roller derby, are unusual topics for a book, but I think they made this book interesting. Dorothy's unique grandmother will keep the attention of readers. She drove a hearse, sometimes with a dead body in the back, she packed Dorothy a "sparkly tiger-striped jumpsuit" to wear in gym class, and she hip-checked a bully at the roller rink. Not normal behavior from a grandmother. The topics of fitting in and being picked on are common, but the author was able to share them in unusual ways.

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