Friday, November 21, 2014

Squeeze Play by Cal Ripken Jr. and Kevin Cowherd

Cal Ripken, Jr.'s All-Stars: Squeeze Play (Cal Ripken, Jr's All Stars)Corey is the starting centerfielder for the Orioles, but he hasn't been hitting the ball well for weeks. He's still a great fielder, but he can't seem to get a hit at the plate. To make matters worse, the girl playing right field constantly teases him, and his dad takes the games too seriously. Corey's dad calls players names, boos, and almost gets into fights with other parents. The team travels to North Carolina for a big tournament, and Corey is feeling the pressure. His dad's behavior seems to be getting worse, and Corey's about ready to give up the game he loves.

This book is for fans of baseball. The author describes the games as they're played, and he also shares some of the finer details of  baseball. The conflict with the girl playing right field is predictable, but Corey's relationship with his dad may connect with many athletic readers. Parents can put pressure on their kids playing sports and embarrass them with inappropriate behavior. Corey's dad is an extreme case, but I've seen parts of him in many parents over the years. Overall, a great book!

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