Friday, November 21, 2014

The Girls of Gettysburg by Bobbi Miller

The Girls of GettysburgThis book tells the stories of three girls leading up to the famous Civil War battle at Gettysburg. Tillie lives in the town and watches as neighbors and black people flee it before the Confederate soldiers arrive. She's sure the Union army will force the enemy away, but she soon finds herself in the middle of the violence and death. Grace is part of a black family that refuses to leave. Her father finally decides it's getting too dangerous and puts his family on a train out of town. Grace hops off to stay with her father, but she finds herself hiding in a cellar before the Rebel forces find her. Annie disguises herself as a boy, so she can join the Confederate army. She proves herself as an excellent shooter and a feisty soldier. It's sometimes difficult to keep her secret, but she just wants to head north and kill some Yankees.

It's unusual to read about the story of a famous battle through the eyes of three females. Annie's story was the most interesting to me; the author shared more consistent character interactions, and her secret added a sense of mystery. Grace's story became more suspenseful as the Rebel army drew closer. Tillie's story was least compelling to me, although her character showed great strength and courage when the battle began. I admired her actions once it came to an end.

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