Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Hidden Summer by Gin Phillips

The Hidden SummerNell and Lydia are best friends, but Lydia's mom says they cannot see each other for a couple months, or more. It seems the mothers can't get along. Nell gets an idea for the girls to spend summer days together, living at the abandoned golf course next door. The girls pretend to be going to camp and summer school each day, but they return home each evening. Things seem to be going along well until the girls suspect that someone else has been coming to the golf course too.

The idea of girls hiding in an abandoned putt putt course all day makes an interesting conflict. Their friendship is admirable, and Nell's plan is creative. Both girls have issues with their mothers. Nell feels like her mother doesn't want her, and her mother has a bit of a temper. Lydia feels like her mother ignores her. The girls' plan is adventurous, but can it help them fix their lives at home?

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