Friday, November 22, 2013

The Stormglass Protocol by Tim Pratt and Andy Deemer

The Stormglass ProtocolJake discovers that people are hiding in the abandoned house down the road, and he's even more surprised when they appear in his room that night. Lizzie and Filby are secret agent kids, and Jake has been chosen to join their organization, Stormglass. The kids are investigating the mass deaths of some animals in the park, when Jake discovers a strange-looking bee, dead on the ground. It turns out an evil organization is planning to set genetically-engineered killer bees loose on the world. The trio sets off around the world to stop them, but it looks like there's a mole within Stormglass. And the mole seems to be Lizzie or Filby!

The introduction seems adventurous and interesting. Basically, Jake is taken right off the street and becomes a new secret agent. I found it strange when his parents talked about spies and missions like it happened every day. I guess they must think Jake is making up stories. The plot moves along nicely, and there's a good amount of action. This book will appeal to middle grade readers who enjoy teen spy novels.

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