Friday, November 29, 2013

Ultra a novel by David Carroll

Ultra-marathon runner David Carroll, a Kennesis Lake cottager, is hoping to inspire young readers to follow their dreams with his new book, Ultra, a novel. Ultra is a fictional book centred around the running event, ultra-marathon. Carroll has competed in the Haliburton Forest Ultra race for five years. He will compete in his sixth on Sept. 7. His book comes out in September.Imagine having a heart that is 20% larger than normal and muscles that don't cramp. This describes Quinn, and he's entered an ultra marathon, running one hundred miles through the wilderness in less than twenty-four hours. He must run over mountains, through forests with bears, cougars, and snakes, and survive the weather. Even a tornado. Along the way, his mind tires, and he starts to hallucinate. The strange dreams are confusing but also provide inspiration. What is the reward for surviving this ordeal? A silver belt buckle. But for Quinn, it may also bring peace of mind.

I was amazed that people would choose to put themselves through one-hundred miles of agony and the fear of getting DNF, did not finish, after their names. The author was able to make running through the wilderness sound interesting, and the hallucinations made me think and added humor. Something was going on with Quinn's father, but that question wasn't answered until the end. Although the whole story is focused on running, even non-runners can find enjoyment in the book.

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