Saturday, November 16, 2013

World War II Pilots by Michael Burgan

World War II Pilots: An Interactive History AdventureThis book is an interactive history adventure; it's a choose your own adventure story. The beginning shares a brief history about the start of the second world war. You can then choose to become a pilot in the Royal Air Force and fight the Germans. You might decide to join the American Air Force to fight the Japanese in the Pacific. Finally, you can opt to join the Tuskegee Airmen, a new force made up of black pilots. From there, you will make decisions that will affect the war and will eventually determine if you survive. You can choose the types of planes you want to fly, which targets to attack, and other options. Sometimes your decisions result in positive consequences, but sometimes you're killed.

These types of books can be quick-reads, but it's always fun to create different stories. This book also lets readers learn about the war and the effect the air force had on its outcome. It's a nice experience.

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