Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Twerp by Mark Goldblatt

TwerpJulian is in the sixth grade and has a close group of friends, especially Lonnie. Julian agreed to write a book to get out of reading Shakespeare, and this book is the result. He talks about playing with fireworks, a conflict with a pigeon, and outrunning cars. But, problems really start when he writes a love letter for Lonnie and gives it to Jillian, the cutest girl in school. Misunderstandings follow. Then, Julian's title as fastest runner may be coming to an end, and something happened to a boy named Danley. Julian was suspended for what he did, and it continues to bother him. The book will help Julian find peace.

Julian is a great character. He's a normal kid trying to do the right thing but still makes mistakes. I can identify with his problems. The early chapters are almost like separate short stories, but the plot is more focused after the letter. The book has a nice message, and Julian's good deeds work out in the end.

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