Saturday, November 9, 2013

Words With Wings by Nikki Grimes

Words with WingsThis book about Gabby is written in prose. Her parents divorce, and she moves away with her mother. It's hard on Gabby, but her daydreams help her escape to fond memories with her parents. However, the daydreams keep her from making new friends and keep her from doing well in school. The teacher is trying to figure out ways to help Gabby, but change doesn't really come until she meets the quiet boy at the back of the room. Maybe it's possible to be practical like her mom but still be a dreamer like her dad.

I'm not typically a huge fan of poetry and prose, but this book was well done. The book quickly moved through Gabby's post-divorce life, but the author creatively blended in descriptive memories of Gabby's life growing up. There were vivid images of leaves, and winter, and spring, and life when her parents were together. It was an enjoyable experience.

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