Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Power of Two by Lori Sawicki

Jamie is tired of Sadie controlling all of the other girls during sixth grade recess. Sadie appears to be popular, but everyone is afraid to disagree with her and face her bullying. Jamie finally decides to stand up to Sadie and becomes good friends with Pru, a small girl already being targeted by Sadie. The girls start playing lacrosse during recess and hope other boys and girls will join them, however the fear of Sadie still remains. They'll need to try something different. And the situation becomes more complicated when Pru collapses from a food allergy. The fear of losing her best friend takes over all of Jamie's thoughts and emotions.

Bullying by the "popular" kids is not an uncommon issue in schools. This plot describes the difficulty kids have in standing up to them. It also deals with a couple of health problems that face kids, asthma and allergies. Pru's health is a major issue. The inclusion of lacrosse as the new recess sport may turn readers off, or it may make them curious and draw them in.

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