Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Change-up: Mystery at the World Series by John Feinstein

I gave this book a rating of three out of five, because I think it might only appeal to baseball fans. It's a mystery, but there are many references to people, athletes, and events related to baseball. Stevie Thomas and Susan Carol are teenage sports reporters who have covered many several major sporting events. They are now covering the Washington Nationals' first World Series appearance in almost eighty years. Stevie accidentally stumbles upon a story involving an aging pitcher who has finally made it to the major leagues. After only pitching in a couple of games, this man throws a one-hitter in the second game of the series. Stevie discovers that the man lied about the death of his wife twelve years ago and investigates the facts. He finds more lies and threats as he digs deeper into the story. Stevie must ultimately decide if the truth is better left hidden.

I enjoyed the plot, and it was fairly realistic. I'm not sure that teenage reporters would be trusted with this type of responsibility. The mystery centers around drunk driving and a possible police cover-up. The emotions of the characters are believable and create much of the conflict. Due to the numerous sports references and details about reporting news stories, I'm not sure if this book will appeal to everyone.

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