Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Homelanders 4: The Final Hour by Andrew Klavan.

This book is the last in the series, and I gave it a rating of five out of five. Charlie West finds himself back in prison, and chapter one has some Islamic terrorists trying to kill him in the prison yard. Other inmates and the guards themselves all present dangers to Charlie. When Charlie remembers that the Homelanders, a terrorist group, is planning to create some kind of disaster on New Year's Eve, he decides that his best option is to escape from prison. He joins up with some old friends to travel to Times Square where millions of people are in danger. As in the previous books in the series, Charlie is being hunted by the police and the terrorists all along the way.

The plot of this book brings the whole series to a nice conclusion. The author manages to create suspense with the upcoming disaster, and he offers a great deal of action. The cover photo shows a scene where terrorists kill the pilot of a small plane, and Charlie is forced to fly the damaged plane to safety. Charlie has some fight scenes in the prison, during the escape, and obviously at the climax when the terrorists are stopped. You'll need to read all of the books in the series to get the full of effect of the ongoing plot. Charlie was acting as an undercover spy in the terrorist organization, which explains why the police and terrorists are both after him.

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