Monday, February 8, 2016

Leepike ridge by N.D. Wilson

Leepike RidgeThis book won't appeal to everyone, but I gave it a rating of four out of five. Thomas Hammond's father died three years ago, and his mother has started dating a teacher at his school. Tom goes down by the creek to get away from things, but he falls into the water and disappears into some caves. He ends up deep within the mountain, and most people on the surface believe he is dead. Tom is swept through different caverns and finds a corpse, a headlamp, and some other supplies. He is very surprised when a dog appears on the shore with him, but even greater surprises await deep within the caves. The treasure hunters on the surface may help in his rescue, or they may spell his doom.

Most of the setting is under the mountain, so that limited some possibilities for excitement. However, it didn't limit the suspense and adventure. There were unexpected twists to the plot that kept things interesting. The treasure hunters added an extra conflict, and it was interesting to see all of the events come together. Overall, it was an entertaining book.

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