Monday, February 8, 2016

The Wright 3 by Blue Balliett

The Wright 3 (Chasing Vermeer, #2)Frank Lloyd Wright was a famous architect, and Tommy lives next to a house he designed and built. Even though it's an important piece of artwork, the house is going to be cut into pieces and sent to museums. Tommy gets strange feelings when he's around the house; it's almost like the house is alive. He wants to team up with his best friend, Calder, to investigate, but Calder has become friends with Petra, a girl in their class. Tommy doesn't like Calder's friendship with Petra, so he doesn't share everything he's discovered. He doesn't even tell his friend about the stone fish he found, even though it might be worth a fortune. Things heat up when Tommy realizes he's being followed and someone breaks into his house. The mission to save the house has quickly gotten dangerous.

This book is a sequel to "Chasing Vermeer". It's a nice, easy mystery for readers who don't want things to get too complicated. Tommy's internal conflict with Petra adds an additional problem to the story. The children's eerie feelings around the house give the plot almost a supernatural feel.

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