Friday, February 5, 2016

Keegan's Point by HD Smith

Keegan's Point (The Good Bad Guys, #1)Charlie does a class report about the island estate of a mysterious billionaire who died in 2002. Rumors abound about the abandoned home, but Charlie is in for an adventure. He's kidnapped by a gang of thieves who are searching for Fawkes' Diamond, a mythical diamond that will be priceless, if it exists. Nick, leader of the gang, thinks Charlie's knowledge of the home may help them find it., but Zoe thinks it's a mistake. She lacks patience, and she's anxious to get rid of any unneeded people. She also has a secret no one else knows. Charlie is the person able to decode the clues found in the house, however there is no honor among thieves. Charlie may uncover the mysteries, but will he get out of this alive?

The plot describes a twisted mystery, as the author includes characters who are not what they seem. Everyone seems to be hiding something, except for Charlie. Some clues are obvious, while Charlie must piece together other clues he finds. The house is booby-trapped, which adds some suspense to the plot. Zoe is the main character adding tension to the story, as she seems almost anxious to kill off other characters. Overall, this book is an entertaining mystery that I recommend.

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