Thursday, February 18, 2016

Double Eagle by Sneed Collard III

This mystery is about Civil War treasure, and I gave it a rating of three out of five. Mike travels to Alabama to spend the summer with his father along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. He meets Kyle, and they notice a ship that is searching for sunken treasure. Their summer changes dramatically when the boys discover a gold coin that may have been created by the Confederate government. There have been rumors about these coins, but no one in the world has ever seen one. Mike and Kyle search for more of the rare coins, but they're in a race against the treasure hunters and a category five hurricane.

I enjoyed the historical mystery surrounding the plot, but some readers may not be interested in the search for rare coins. The book has adventure, not necessarily action, and I was curious to see if more coins actually existed. The conflict with the treasure hunters could have been played up to create a bit more suspense, but I enjoyed the book overall.

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