Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Death by Denim by Linda Gerber

Death by Denim (Death By Mysteries, #3)I rated this final book of the series a 4 out of 5. Just like Death by Latte, this book had much more action than Death by Bikini. Aphra and her mother were hiding out after escaping Seattle in book two, but The Mole discovered their new hiding place. He wants to use Aphra as bait to discover the location of Seth, her boyfried, and his family. The Mole has a psychotic need for revenge against people he feels have wronged him, and he hopes to kill all of them at one time. Aphra's adventures lead her through Paris, France, and into Italy where the series reaches its final climax.

This mystery keeps the reader guessing about which characters are good and which ones are bad. Aphra has the same problem and makes some bad decisions based on incorrrect assumptions. They get her into increasing trouble, but that's what builds the suspense and makes the story more exciting. I enjoyed how the author allowed Aphra to use her intelligence to solve problems, but she still made silly mistakes. It's nice to have an inexperienced "agent" making mistakes, unlike some other novels with teenage protagonists. It's unbelievable that kids can solve problems for government agencies, but it's even more incredible when they do it perfectly. Aphra makes a big mistake when she believes Ryan, an agent, is lying to her and ditches him in Italy. She realizes this is a big problem when she's headed to The Mole and has no idea what she'll do when she gets there.

This series is great for readers who enjoy mysteries. It's also great for readers just getting into mysteries, because it contains plenty of suspense but is not overly complicated.

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