Thursday, February 18, 2016

They Never Came Back by Caroline Cooney

I gave this mystery a rating of four out of five. Cathy Ferris is studying Latin during summer school when another boy, Tommy, approaches her and claims she is his cousin, Murielle Lyman. Five years earlier, Murielle's parents stole millions of dollars from investors and then fled the country. Cathy denies that she is Murielle and isn't sure what to do. Her summer classmates are very interested in the story and spend much of their time trying to collect information on the Internet and by questioning Cathy. The mother of one of her classmates spent two years in prison, and the student really wants the Lymans punished. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies hear about Cathy and show up with questions about the Lymans. Cathy seems to be the only person not interested in pursuing the story, but why?

The chapters of the book alternated between the present day plot and flashbacks to the days surrounding the disappearance of Murielle's parents. Murielle was supposed to leave the country with her parents, but she missed the plane and hasn't been seen for five years. I was kept wondering if Cathy was actually Murielle and if the Lymans would ever be caught by the police. The plot is not full of suspense, but it has plenty of mystery to keep it interesting.

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