Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Summer of Sundays by Lindsay Eland

A Summer of Sundays

Published by Egmont USA
Nominated by Robin Willis
Sunday Fowler has two older sisters, three younger brothers, and she's tired of not being noticed. Her parents sometimes forget her name, and they once left her at a gas station for two hours without noticing. So, when the family travels to Alma, Pennsylvania for the summer, Sunday is determined to make a name for herself. It starts with a locked box in the basement of the library her father is remodeling. Sunday finds some old letters and a manuscript, and she sets out to uncover their secrets. Her adventure crosses paths with a grouchy old man who's rumored to eat raw meat and carry a sword in his cane. Sunday slowly uncovers the truth, but revealing it may ruin everything.

Many readers can identify with Sunday's desire to be special. However, her brothers adored her, her sisters respected her advice, and her parents depended on her. She was already pretty special but didn't realize it. The mystery behind the letters and manuscript truly challenged her character.

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