Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Every Day After by Laura Golden

Every Day AfterLizzie lives in the South during the depression. Her father left to find work, and her mother has withdrawn into her own mental world. Times are tough, and Lizzie isn't sure if they have enough money to survive. She keeps hoping that her father will return in time to save them. To make things worse, Erin, a girl at school, is determined to make Lizzie's life miserable. She wants to beat Lizzie at everything, but the conflict worsens when Lizzie's best friend must drop out of school, and he starts to hang out with Erin. Finally, things get really serious when it looks like Erin won't stop until she gets Lizzie's mom put into a mental hospital and Lizzie shipped off to an orphanage.

This book slowly grew on me. I truly enjoyed how the plot progressed and the message that was shared. It wasn't overly dramatic, but it managed to keep me curious. As I look back, Lizzie was a very interesting, dynamic character, and she kept me wondering. She seemed very strong and bull-headed early in the plot, but her soft side came out as she cared for her mom. She got angry and scared when she seemed to lose her best friend, and her whole world seemed to be falling apart. But, the one thing she learned from her father was how to take lemons and make lemonade.

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