Saturday, October 26, 2013

Seeing Red by Anne Louise MacDonald

Seeing RedWhenever Frankie has dreams in color, he believes they come true. It started with an orange dream of fire, the turquoise dream of his grandmother's death, and now he's dreamed about red. It's not clear, but Frankie believes it's about his best friend getting hurt. The dreams scare Frankie, and he's also terrified of horses. His dad decides to volunteer him to help an autistic boy at a horse camp, and everything changes. A weird girl from school and the camp seems to be able to read Frankie's mind, and she offers to help him rescue an injured petrel bird. He's scared and confused, and he doesn't know how to stop these powerful. Do his dreams predict the future or do they cause it to happen?

The rural setting will be different for most readers, but the animals should interest them. Frankie is a likable skater, trying to overcome his fears. Horses are beautiful creatures, and this plot describes how they can be used to help children with special needs. It tells a story of fears, friendship, and healing.

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