Saturday, October 19, 2013

Counting By 7s by Holly Golderg Sloan

Counting by 7sWillow is an adopted girl and has problems interacting with other people. She loves the number seven, she respects all plants and animals, and she's a genius. However, her parents die in a car accident, and Mai, the only friend she has, tries to keep Willow out of foster care. With the "help" of the school counselor, it's still quite a chore to keep their plans secret. The question is, "Will Willow ever find happiness?"

Willow was a unique character. She was very intelligent and intellectual, but her life was never normal. Willow met Mai and her brother during a counseling session, and they became the main people in her life. Readers might have some trouble identifying with Willow's character, and the plot can be depressing. The sympathy and compassion shown by Mai and her family was remarkable.

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