Monday, October 7, 2013

Genie's Wishes by Elisabeth Dahl

Genie WishesThis book is being considered for a Cyblil's award, so I'm not giving it my usual rating. Genie is a normal fifth grader with normal fifth grade problems. She is chosen to write the class blog, which gives her the chance to express her thoughts about them. Cafeteria food, friendship, and life are topics for her blog. A new girl moves in who becomes popular, but may not be the best classmate for Genie as Sarah, her best friend, is drawn away. Genie is torn as her life changes, but she finds ways to come out on top.

This book slowly grew on me. I think most fifth grade girls will be able to identify with Genie's character. She goes through problems with girls, boys, school, and family. The blog allows readers to read about her thoughts, but it also communicates the thoughts and feelings of her classmates. I appreciated that Genie's character didn't freak out when emotional issues arose, as I've read in many other novels. She seemed level-headed and did the right thing.

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