Sunday, October 27, 2013

Losing It by Erin Fry

Losing ItBennett lost his mother when he was five, and now his father has collapsed and is taken to the hospital. Bennett's overweight, and he has to stay with his health-conscious aunt. His dad must now try to recover from a stroke, and Bennett is determined that he will not end up like his dad. He decides to start running cross country. This is a difficult decision, and it might cost him his best friend. And there's the cute girl in English and the bully at lunch to complicate things. Bennett is facing the biggest challenges of his, so it's time to "step up to the plate."

Bennett is a very likable character, and he has more conflicts than anyone should ever face. The author presented him as a courageous and vulnerable boy, and I was able to feel his internal conflict. P.G. was a great friend, and Taylor demonstrated the positive side of people too. His aunt represented that saying of "You can't judge a book by its cover." Or maybe an old dog CAN learn new tricks.

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