Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Easter Ann Peters' Operation Cool by Jody Lamb

Easter Ann Peters' Operation CoolEaster is starting the seventh grade, and she has a plan to make it the best year ever. Make a new, good friend, be more comfortable around boys, have a cool talent, and stand up to the class bully. Things don't work out so well on the first day. She has a couple of embarrassing moments and fails to have a good response to the bully. However, a new girl stands up to the bully and seems to think Easter is okay. Easter hopes to talk about the day with her mom, but her mom is "under the weather". She is very depressed and has a drinking problem. The problem has been getting worse, and Easter does all she can to keep it a secret from her friends and her father. But things aren't going to get better unless Easter makes it happen. That's a lot of pressure for a seventh grader.

The plot began with the common problem of a young girl starting middle school. However, the mother's drinking and a new girl with the confidence to be different are not common. Alcoholism is the big conflict in the story. The author was able to describe Easter's fears, frustrations, and confusion, so it was easy to connect with her character.

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