Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Zero Tolerance by Claudia Mills

Zero ToleranceSierra is an honor student and is an active member of leadership council. She's a teacher's dream. She accidentally brings her mother's lunch to school one day, and the bag has a small knife for cutting an apple. She immediately reports it to the cafeteria monitor, because she knows it's strictly against school rules to bring a weapon to school. The monitor sends Sierra to the office, and things quickly go from bad to worse. Sierra is suspended until a meeting is held where it's being recommended she be expelled from school. Zero tolerance for weapons in school! Her father, a lawyer, gets involved, as do news stations, students, and teachers. The conflict keeps growing and growing until something must give.

This book won't win awards, but I kept reading to discover the climax. All of the characters, except maybe Sierra's mother, handle the situation very badly, No one is very likable as the plot moves along. As a former teacher, I tried to treat every situation based on the facts. I treated everyone fairly, but maybe not equally. Being expelled for doing the right thing is wrong!

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