Saturday, October 19, 2013

Athlete vs. Mathlete by W.C. Mack

Athlete vs. MathleteOwen is miffed that he must try out for the seventh grade basketball team, but he's really shocked when the coach demands that Russ, Owen's fraternal twin, must attend tryouts too. Russ is into academics, but he happens to be tall. Owen helps Russ get ready, hoping Russ won't embarrass them both. However, Russ makes the team, and things get complicated after. How will he balance basketball, school, and his Masters of the Mind team? And Owen complicates things further when he starts to get jealous.

The twins created an interesting plot, and their conflicts are common to most middle school students. How are the athletes and brainiscs supposed to get along? The plot is told alternately from each twin's point of view, so readers are able to appreciate their thoughts and feelings.

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